Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement?

Before you decide on windshield repair or windshield replacement, then you should know the difference between the two. It is important to know what the two are.

What is a windshield repair?

A windshield repair can only be done to auto glass that has a small chip or crack. A windshield repair doesn’t require the windshield in being removed from the vehicle, but the work is done to the auto glass.

A windshield repair can take fifteen to forty-five minutes to be repaired. Your insurance company will pay the charge for your windshield repair. When the windshield repair is finished you won’t be able to notice where the crack was. The crack will be sealed and it will keep all moisture out of your vehicle.

What is windshield replacement?

A windshield replacement is the removal of the current windshield and putting a new windshield into the vehicle. The auto glass technician will remove the present windshield and prepare the frame of the vehicle.

He will put a bonding ingredient on the frame to bond the windshield replacement to the vehicle. The windshield replacement procedure only takes around an hour, but you will have to let the vehicle set for a few hours so the bonding agent can work.

Most major insurance companies will also pay for a windshield replacement. You may have a deductible, but normally the deductible is about fifty dollars.

Which should you choose?

Which should you choose a windshield repair or a windshield replacement? If you have a small crack, then act immediately. If you wait, then the crack will get bigger. A small crack can give you the option of a windshield repair, but a large crack requires a full windshield replacement.

Who should you call in Houston?

If you are in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, then you should call Area Wide Auto Glass. They will give you a free estimate and guide you with the decision of a windshield repair or windshield replacement. All technicians are certified and licensed. All work is guaranteed.

Give Area Wide Auto Glass a call at and ask for Humberto. Area Wide Auto Glass has over twenty-two years of experience in auto glass service. They can come to you if you would like. Give Area Wide Auto Glass a call today if you have a crack in your windshield. Don’t wait and let it get worse.

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