Windshield Replacement

It doesn’t matter how handy you are with your vehicle. Don’t try to do a windshield replacement yourself. The windshield is not only attached to your vehicle to keep bugs and debris from hitting you in the face, but it also a safety component to your vehicle.

Equalizer Express Stingray Auto Glass Knife

Equalizer Express Stingray Auto Glass Knife

  • Equalizer Stingray
  • Equalizer cut out tool
  • Electric cut out tool
  • Stingray tool
  • Equalizer Windshield tool cut out knife


BOUSH Windshield Urethane Scraper Tool Set with 3pcs Blades with Soft Rubber

BOUSH Windshield Urethane Scraper Tool Set with 3pcs Blades with Soft Rubber

  • 1.This tool is a good accessory for you to remove vehicle windshield urethane faster and safer.
  • 2. The Handle is finished with hard ABS plus soft rubber, offers comfortable feeling and not easy to slip when operating.
  • 3. The thin blade is made from Stainless steel,Single-edge cutting for each piece blade,meanwhile, it has a certain curvature, so that it is closer to the treated surface. learn more

The windshield helps support the car’s roof. The windshield also helps keep the passengers in the vehicle safe and inside of the vehicle if an accident occurs. Doing a windshield replacement should not be done by anyone but a certified and licensed auto glass technician.

There are many factors that can cause a windshield replacement to be done improperly. One mistake that is made is the installer didn’t wear protective gloves when handling the windshield.

Windshield Replacement
Windshield Replacement


WRD Spider 002S Kit 300 W Auto Glass Removal Tool

WRD Spider 002S Kit 300 W Auto Glass Removal Tool

  • Safe, efficient, and optimized removal of auto glass panels and bonded elements.
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Exceptionally safe auto glass removal tool kit
  • Modular design allows for simple and cost effective part replacement
  • Compact and simple to operate
  • Buy Now

This causes the dirt to contaminate the bonding agent to not be secure and keep the windshield in place. When a windshield replacement is done, then it should be done by the professionals that do each and every valuable step.

Don’t take a chance with you or your loved ones lives by trying to save a dollar. Hire a professional technician that does windshield replacement.Vasquez Auto Glass.

Hire a professional technician in Houston:

Windshield Repair Cost
Windshield Repair Cost

You can hire a professional technician in Texas to do your windshield replacement. The professionals to call is Vasquez Auto Glass. All technicians are certified and licensed. All work will be guaranteed. You can have your vehicle ready to drive in just a few hours.

Don’t try windshield replacement. It isn’t worth it. Your insurance will even help you pay the cost for a windshield replacement done. Vasquez Auto Glass will help you fill out your insurance papers with you.

Astro 1760 Air Windshield Knife Kit with Suction CupsAstro 1760 Air Windshield Knife Kit with Suction Cups

  • Windshield Knife: has a teasing throttle and regulator provide easy speed control. 20,000 Oscillations per minute
  • Flexible 12 position blade mount, Includes 5 blades
  • Rear exhaust
  • Includes (4) 4-5/8 inch Diameter suction cups, Capacity 154pounds.
  • Blow Molded storage case Learn More


Equalizer Apprentice Technician Tool Kit – ATK658

Equalizer Apprentice Technician Tool Kit - ATK658

  • kit builds on the existing set of tools and covers most tools necessary for windshield repair.
  • Put together by the top technicians, this kit includes all the basics necessities to start off.

Equalizer Black Ops HHT2013 – 120 Volt Auto Glass Removal Tool.

  • TEqualizer Black Ops HHT2013 - 120 Volt Auto Glass Removal Toolhe sleek Black-Ops™ 120-Volt tool is a powerful addition to the Equalizer® line of Auto Glass Removal tools.
  • It has a compact design measuring only 14.5” in length for easy access to tight areas and more flexibility of applications. It’s also lightweight at only 6.5 lbs.
  • The powerful 10 Amp motor drives the blade at up to 2,800 strokes per minute and will cut through the thickest of urethane with ease.


Windshield Removal Tool Kit – Standard

Windshield Removal Tool Kit - Standard

  • Great package at a great price
  • All the essential items need for auo glass replacement
  • Call us for a complete packing list
  • Buy Now



Windshield replacement by Vazques Auto Glass

Windshield replacement is a major project that should be handled by professionals. If you had a heart attack, then you wouldn’t think of operating on yourself, would you? Don’t try auto glass service yourself.

Call Vasquez Auto Glass of Houston at  Ask for Humberto VIP Service. Humberto will get you in for a free estimate and have you back on the road safely. Auto glass service is important to be done, but you need to have it done by professionals.

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